Leads Employment Services

As Perth County re-opens for business, you, as a business owner, will be one of the critical drivers to reset our economy. Leads Employment Services is here to support your hiring needs, just as we have been for employers during the pandemic. Leads has responded to the calls for essential workers by screening qualified job seekers for the employers and successfully placed 55 individuals with disabilities between March and April. We have also created 20 virtual volunteer positions for our youth to support and contribute to our community.

We understand the importance of responsiveness and cost to re-start a business, so Leads, a not-for-profit employment and skills development organization, will at NO COST:

  • Screen qualified job seekers to match your business needs
  • May offer subsidies to off-set some initial training costs
  • Provide assistance to on-boarding, training and retaining staff
  • Act as a linkage to resources in healthy and safety, accessibility and accommodation

This is the time to start the conversation about how we can assist you. Planning is key so please connect with me via phone (519) 495-5472 and/or email tracy.aylward@leadsservices.com

Feel free to visit our website www.leadsservices.com and I would be more than happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to our partnership. Together, we can recover our economy efficiently and effectively. Be healthy and safe!


Tracy Aylward

(519) 495-5472