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Serving Stratford, St. Marys, Township of Perth East, Township of Perth South, and the Municipality of West Perth.  Office Open – Monday to Friday.

In your home town, your province, your country and every country around the world: you will find the Chamber of Commerce organization. An international partner that helps brings the global marketplace a little closer together.

Our Mission: The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce is the prominent business organization in Stratford and District that is committed to being the voice of business, by championing economic prosperity and an exceptional quality of life.

Our Mandate: The objects of the Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce shall be to maintain and improve trade and commerce, conservation and good management of community resources, and to promote the economic, commercial, industrial, tourist and conventions, civic, agricultural and environmental welfare of the City of Stratford and the surrounding district within and for which this Chamber was established and as defined in the Certificate of Registration under the Board of Trade Act.

The Chamber of today still models the Chamber of yesterday — a group of business people pooling their expertise and resources to support initiatives that will provide an attractive climate for free and competitive enterprise across all business sectors — locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

A Chamber presence has been in this district since 1860 when we were first incorporated as the Stratford Board of Trade, re-incorporated in 1950 as the Stratford Chamber of Commerce, and again in 1993 as Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce. Our geographical boundaries include Stratford, St. Marys, the Township of Perth East, the Township of Perth South and the Municipality of West Perth.

Our role in this district is distinguished in three ways.

Businesses in the region turn to the Chamber of Commerce for a number of benefits that can be similar yet also distinctive to each industry. Members invest in the organization to strengthen their marketing strategy and to ensure their business is identified amongst their colleagues and competitors. Networking programs provide owner/operators and their employees with the ability to build relationships and to share ideas on creating a business environment that is supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit. The provision of educational seminars enables members to pursue professional development and to learn of new regulations and industry standards. By combining the purchasing power of their membership, many members enjoy a number of cost saving measures that decrease their operating budget and thereby increase their bottom line. By coming together under one umbrella, members prosper from having a collective voice to express business perspectives to municipal, provincial and federal governments.

Secondly, visitors rely on us as a natural link to businesses that are committed to their community.The role of providing visitor information is a varied amongst Chambers in North America. Some Chambers are the sole providers of information while others, like ourselves, work in conjunction with their local municipalities to ensure that patrons have access to the numerous hospitality services that a region has to offer. Members in the hospitality industry invest with us because they believe their industry plays a vital role in the overall economic health of the community and they wish to associate themselves with the reliable reputation that Chambers members have established across the country. Visitors take comfort in knowing that their travel experiences will match those of their expectations. Our hospitality members consist of numerous accommodation providers, dining establishments and attractions that are dedicated to providing visitors with an exceptional travel experience.

Furthermore, consumers turn to the Chamber of Commerce to obtain information about the services they require for their day to day living. ”Caveat Emptor” or, the principle that a consumer is responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before buying, is a growing concern in the global marketplace. With the increase of on-line buying, customers are looking for indicators that they are purchasing from reputable businesses. Membership in a local chamber can provide buyers with a formal recognition that a business is willing to meet standards and abide by a code of conduct set forth by a governing Board of Directors.

Whether your interest in the Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce is for the purpose of business, pleasure or everyday living, we are pleased to provide you with information that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding a variety of products and service that are unique to the businesses found in Perth County.


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