Violence in the Workplace Lunch & Learn

November 28th, 2017

Chamber Events

The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce welcomes the Stop Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee to deliver a free 1-hour seminar to our members. You will be educated on the following key learning objectives:

RECOGNIZE the impact on victims, potential victims, co-workers and the workplace environment.
a) Understand the overall prevalence of domestic violence as well as the social context in which it occurs.
b) Identify warning signs and risk factors associated with domestic violence.
c) Explore the dynamics of coercive behaviour including the impacts of isolation and the realities of escalation.
d) Reflect on personal values and perceptions.

RESPOND effectively and REPORT appropriately using different options consistent with various levels of workplace responsibility.
a) Define reasonable precaution as it relates to instances when domestic violence enters the workplace.
b) Demonstrate effective communication skills in order to reach out, support, ask questions and offer relevant information: See It, Name It, Check It conversations
c) Clarify reporting requirements and persons responsible for safety in the workplace.
d) Explore response to reports of domestic violence (including preliminary threat assessments and safety planning)
e) Reflect on organizational commitment to creating and supporting a safe workplace environment.

REFER victims, potential victims, abusers and co-workers to a network of external resources when domestic violence has been identified or is suspected.
a) Identify internal workplace resources, personnel and information, and external community organizations useful for victims, potential victims, abusers and co-workers/bystanders.
b) Explore the advantages of an inter-professional team approach to respond to domestic violence.
c) Balance safety and confidentiality, using effective documentation and information sharing, to support victims, potential victims and co-workers and hold abusers accountable.
d) Reflect on value of strong internal and external professional relationships.

Click here to register today. Space is limited to 12 and lunch is included so register early!