WSIB Small Business Health & Safety Workshop

February 11th, 2019

We all have responsibility for preventing workplace illness and injury. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), there are legal responsibilities for employers, supervisors, and workers in the workplace.

One of the most frequently issued orders by Ministry of Labour inspectors is OHSA Section 25 (2) (j)
• To prepare and review at least annually a written occupational health and safety policy and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy.

Small businesses want to comply with health and safety regulations but may not know where to start.

The Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce has invited your local WSIB Small Business Health & Safety Consultant, Patricia Cowdrey, to provide essential updates and information regarding:

• Ministry of Labour
o Training for health and safety worker representatives
o Noise regulation
o Mandatory health and safety awareness training (workers and supervisors)
o Workplace violence & harassment

• Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
o Return to work responsibilities
o New rate framework
o Work-related chronic mental stress (started Jan. 1, 2018)
o Free small business health & safety training program with a 7% rebate (for owners/senior managers)

You will also receive free and easy to understand resources.

Free for Chamber Members – $10 for Non-Members
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