2018 Business Excellence Awards

Award Categories & Nominations

Retail Award

The Retail Award is presented to a business that engages in the sale of merchandise and has demonstrated commitment, innovation, and excellence in their field while providing outstanding customer service.
e.g. gift shops, men’s/ladies’ clothing stores, department stores, pharmacies, variety/candy stores, etc.

2017 Winner: St. Marys Home Building Centre

Hospitality Award

The Hospitality Award is presented to an accommodation and/or food business that has improved the allure of the community by demonstrating commitment to excellence in hospitality/customer service, staff knowledge, quality and consistency of product, and community involvement.
e.g. restaurants, cafes, hotels, B&Bs, Inns, street vendors, etc.

2017 Winner: Red Rabbit

Entrepreneur Award

The Entrepreneur Award is presented to an entrepreneur, in business for 1-4yrs., who has investigated the opportunities, weighed the risks, and has demonstrated significant business achievement and sustainable financial performance.

2017 Winner: Luckhardt Landworks

Manufacturing Award

The Manufacturing Award is presented to the manufacturer that shows sales performance, growth prospects and manufacturing innovation, and has product development, investment in workforce development, and community involvement and contribution.
e.g. automotive component manufacturers, furniture factories, sheet metal manufacturers, water heater/pump manufacturers, etc.

2017 Winner: Accumetal Manufacturing

Professional Award

The Service Professional Award is presented to a business that provides services to individuals or businesses. The recipient business executes best practices in all areas of their operation to ensure maximization of their capabilities and capacity. The recipient business demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing education, skills development or professional accreditation of its employees.
e.g. lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, realtors, etc.

2017 Winner: Flex Physiotherapy

Service Award

The Service Award will be presented to the business that demonstrates a consistent adherence to excellent business practices necessary to deliver the highest quality service and support to their clients/customers.
e.g. salons and spas, industrial/residential cleaning services, massage therapists, etc.

2017 Winner: GOTECH Networking Solutions

Non-Profit/Charitable Award

The Community Service Award is presented to the not-for-profit business that has significantly contributed to the overall quality of life within the community and its citizens through its programming and/or activities.

2017 Winner: Stratford Perth Museum

Commercial Award

The Commercial Award will be presented to the business that provides services/products to individuals or businesses. The recipient demonstrates a consistent adherence to excellent business practices necessary to deliver the highest quality service and support to their clients/customers.
e.g. auto body repair shops, electrical contractors, home builders/renovators

2017 Winner: Nuhn Forage

Business Leader Award

Individuals nominated in this category have demonstrated a commitment to their community, a commitment to self-development, and a contribution to the business community. This award winner is selected by the Chamber board of directors.

2017 Winner: Jeff Orr

Innovation Award

Awarded to a business or organization in operation for at least a year that has created, invented or developed an innovative product or process that has resulted in a significant and measurable increase in one or more of the following: Revenue or job creation, productivity or quality, reduction in costs, improvements in service, in the following areas:

      • New product(s)
      • Technology
      • Management
      • Manufacturing processes
      • Customer service

2017 Winner: Stratford Festival


Business of the Year Award

This business in Stratford, St Marys or Perth County has leveraged innovation and demonstrated outstanding performance, effective leadership, responsive management and quality service over the years but particularly in the past year. Not only has this business achieved tangible performance improvements in efficiency, productivity, competitiveness and market share with their products or services, they have also developed excellent employee-employer relationships. The existence of this business is a true win for its community.

2017 Winner: Stratford Festival

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