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How to Get More ROI from Social Media

When business owners complain that their social media efforts aren’t paying off and they just aren’t seeing a return in their investment of time, it’s usually because they’re using the Jackson Pollack approach to social. They’re simply “flinging” paint on a canvas. There’s no goal behind what they’re doing. It’s random. That approach may create […]

Canada United

  City of Stratford Joins Canada United to Support Local Businesses and Accelerate Small Business Recovery Created by RBC in collaboration with the national network of Chambers of Commerce and over 50 corporate partners with Stratford’s Economic Recovery Task Force to support local businesses as part of the nationwide movement July 22, 2020 (Stratford) – […]

4 Marketing Tips for Businesses with No Marketing Budget

You likely have heard the phrase, “you need to spend money to make money.” I’m not here to argue that from either side but digital marketing has allowed businesses with very small budgets to make a big impression. While it hasn’t exactly leveled the playing field, it certainly has helped businesses gain a larger audience […]

How to Build a Tribe for your Business

Have you ever noticed that there are influencers on social media who mention an item and no sooner than they do it sells out? The cynical side of me believes there are certain people out there who could talk about how chic dust bunnies are and suddenly there’d be a host of people growing their […]