CMac 2.0

Stratford, ON
1 Wellington Street Stratford Ontario N5A CA


CMac 2.0 is a marketing and advertising firm that is a truly full-service marketing firm for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our services are based on the same marketing principles and solutions that have made large, successful corporations what they are today.

CMac 2.0 acts like your own marketing department. And remember: CMac 2.0 never charges by the hour! We flat rate all of our services and arrange for easy monthly payment plans to make your dream marketing initiative even easier to afford!

CMac 2.0 is that moment of realization and of clearing obstacles so you can move in a direction that gets you to your destination, we are a graphic design studio that tells YOUR story, captivates YOUR audience & inspires them to ACT!.

Contact: Chris MacDonald

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