CJCS 1240 & 2 day FM (Vista Radio)

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376 Romeo Street South Stratford ON N5A 4T9 Canada
376 Romeo Street South Stratford Ontario N5A 4T9 CA

Haliburton Broadcasting Group Inc.(CJCS 1240/New 107.7 FM)
1240 CJCS has been Stratford’s source for music, news, and local events for more than 75 years. With the addition of 107.7 Mix FM in 2003 and our new-look websitehttp://www.cjcsradio.com, you have all you need to be tuned in to Stratford.

The citizens of Stratford have used 1240 CJCS for a source music, news, and local events since 1924. In 2003 107.7 MIX FM signed on to add to the variety of radio listening in Stratford. The cjcsradio.com website receives over 15 million hits most months providing accurate up to date weather, road conditions and community information.

The CJCS and MIX FM advertising experts spend much of their time consulting with Stratford and area businesses in the effort to assist them in achieving the best results for their advertising. CJCS and MIX FM also run regular training courses for business owners. Check with the station to find out when the next scheduled course will be.

Contact: Dave Elliott

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